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You can transport ODC shipments from Pune to All Over India by booking your consignment with EasyGo Logistics Pvt Ltd.We have self owned fleet of Hydraulic Axles, Low Bed Trailer , Semi Bed Trailer, High Bed Trailers to suit all your transportation needs.

We have transported the following over dimensional cargo for our various customers at lowest price:

  • Heavy Machineries Transport
  • Power Transformers Transport
  • Heavy Turbines, Rotors and Stators Transport
  • Wind Mills Transport
  • Rail/ Metro Coaches Transport
  • Infrastructure Material Transport
  • Heavy-duty Cranes and Construction Equipment Transport
  • Power Transformers Transport
  • Long Girders Transport
  • Construction Equipment like Cranes, Dozers, Piling Machine etc
  • Storage Tanks, Decelerators, Pressure Vessels Transportation
  • Wind Mill blades and nacelles Transport

We have the following vehicles available today for transport of your over dimensional cargo (ODC) Shipments :

  • Low Bed Trailer
  • Semi Bed Trailer
  • High Bed Trailer
  • Pune to Gujarat were 4
  • Pune to Delhi were 7
  • Gujarat to Chennai were 3
  • Pune to Bangalore were 5

We have transported various power transformers, storage tanks, silos, JCB Machines, Wind mills etc

ODC Transport Service from Pune

Date Pickup Drop Truck Type Distance Material Type Weight
2024/02/25 Delhi Hansi 21 Ton / 12 Wheel 154KM SS pipes 7 Ton
2024/02/25 Delhi Bhuj EICHER 19 FEET 1144KM Food material( packed) 7 Ton
2024/02/25 Delhi Bhuj EICHER 19 FEET 1144KM Food material( packed) 7 Ton